Stargate: Horizon



Production #

101, 102

Original air date

November 4, 2004

Story by

Alex Rubit

Written by

Alex Rubit

Guest stars

Robert Moore
Security Officer #1
Young Airman
General Frank Williams
Doctor Roland
Doctor Dean
Doctor Yusuf Naiyeer
Shadow Appearance
Day'ek Sonak
Vorian Officer #1
Vorian Officer #3
Docking Control Officer
Vorian Officer #2
Large Alien
Thalosian Trader
Draque Soldier #1
Draque Soldier #2
Draque Soldier #3
Sivok's Aide

Followed by

Starship Lost

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Season 2

Awakening is the first and second episodes of the first season and the series premiere of Stargate: Horizon.


A mysterious species known as the Draque shows up on Earth and destroys half of the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. As it appears the Draque are trying to prevent the humans from discovering a legendary artifact, the Ancients once left behind, called The Circle of the Ancients. This artifact supposedly contains information regarding the Ancients, their connection to the humans, and to Earth. It also appears to be a mystery where the Draque suddenly came from, since they were believed to be extinct since about the time the Ancients disappeared.

Colonel John Grant, along with a newly formed team goes on a mission to find the Draque, figure out what their intentions are and hopefully prevent future misunderstandings with them. Grant also hopes to find the Circle of the Ancients, of which he believes it will shed some light into the mystery.

Grant and his team leave Earth, using the new X-04 prototype, called Valiant. It's a new class of interstellar ships, the International Stargate Command has designed for long term space exploration missions, which became the main focus after the end of the Goa'uld war. As Grant and his team head for the Aries sector, searching for a Stargate, which supposedly leads into the distant Triangulum galaxy, where the Draque came from, they will discover an abandoned space station, and a group of Vorians, to which they soon will realize they have a special connection.


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Ancients; Ancient contagion; Ancient Jewel; Antarctica; Antarctic outpost; Arganium; Area 51; Aries Sector; Ascendant empire Asgard; Asgard science vessel; Atlantis; Blending; Canada; Chulak; Circe of the Ancients; Commander's office Devolian system; Dial Home Device; Draque; Draque Marauder; FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon; France; Garage Door Opener; Germany; Great Britain; GX-4 glider; Helicopter; Henry Grant; Henry Hayes; Horizon; Horizon expedition; Horizon's Stargate; International Stargate Command; Israel; Italy; Jaffa; Jaffa High Council; Japan; M9 Beretta; NASA; Naquadah; Naquadah generator; O'Neill-class ship; President; Prometheus; Russia; Scalerious; Scotty; Skirmish on Thalos Five; Spacegate; Spain; Stargate Command; Stargate Operations; Stargate Shield; Tau'ri-Draque War; Tau'ri; Telepathy; Thalos Five; Thalosian; Thomas Galloway's father; Tollan eels; Triangulum; Trinium; Valiant; Ven’katra system; Vorian; Vorian; Vorian Command Council; Vorian Phasial Discharger; Vorian Space Command; Zat'nik'tel


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